FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is convert-video.com and why do you need it?
convert-video.com makes downloading from the internet convenient and simple. With our help you can download audio, video, and other types of files from various websites and social networks: youtube.com, vk.com, vimeo.com, and others.
How to use the service
  • Enter the URL-address in the input field at the top of the main page and press Enter or click on the button to the right of the input field.
  • Note: Click on the website name to see how to download & save files from there.
How to download 480p, 1080рHD, 1440рHD, 2160рHD with sound or just MP3 from YouTube.com
Install free Aicoosoft Video Downloader and download whatever you want from YouTube.com.
Advantages of service convert-video.com
  • Fast and convenient access from an address line.
  • Download video directly from any Internet page.
  • Receive the list of links for downloading in case of several videos being present on a single web-page.
  • When downloading from youtube.com, you receive video in high quality.
  • When downloading from file-hosting, you don't need to wait or install additional adware programs.
How to continue downloading if the download accidentally stopped
If there are any problems with downloading we recommend you to use download managers, for example free software program Aicoosoft Video Downloader. In case the link is no longer working, you may get a new one via our website and replace it in download properties. The download will resume from the place it stopped.
Where are the downloaded files stored?
It depends on your operating system and browser settings. As a rule, you may open the latest downloads list by pressing Ctrl + J on your keyboard. In this list you may find the path to where the downloaded files are stored.
How to watch *.FLV video
We offer you the video player Aicoosoft Video Player.Download and install Aicoosoft Video Player from the official site.
How to convert FLV video in AVI, MPEG and WMV
We think that the most simple freeware video-converter is Aicoosoft Video Converter. It allows you to convert Flash FLV video in AVI/MPEG/WMV and also to change options of quality of video and audio, as well as converting several video reels at once.
  • Download the converter from an official site: Aicoosoft Video Converter
  • Install and start it.
  • Press the button "Add" and add initial *.flv video.
  • Press the button "Settings" and choose a format in which you want to convert ("output format") and press Enter.
  • Choose a folder where the program will save converted video ("output directory") and press "Convert".
To right holders
Dear right holders, convert-video.com website does not host files on its servers and does not publish any links. If your copyright has been violated please contact the administration of websites, where your files are stored: youtube.com.